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Todd Galberth

November 7, 2016 by
Todd Galberth has emerged on the Gospel music scene as an exuberant
worship leader, incredible songwriter and an enthralling actor. He
currently serves as Worship Leader at Redemption Church in Greenville, SC
under the leadership of Pastor Ron Carpenter. You may seen and heard Todd
leading the song “Forever” on James Fortune’s last album “Live Through It”
In addition, he wrote and leads the song “The Curse is Broken” on James
Fortune presents “Kingdom Music Vol. 1”. Todd's anticipated single "Lord
You Are Good" is set to release on November 7, 2016, which was greatly
talked about after his live recording.

From the Heart of Todd
While sitting in the kitchen, I was saying “Lord what am I going to do.”
I have all these responsibilities and all these things going on. It seems
I’m doing everything I can for you yet everything seems to be going
opposite. Take two steps forward and then five steps backwards. I began to
cry out “Lord what in the world is going on” Even though I didn’t
understand it, the words came to me “Lord You Are Good, You’ve Been So
Good. Lord You Are Good, You’ve Been Better Than Good” This song was
birthed as a testimony from my personal life, so I pray it is blessing and
reminder that the Lord is Good through it ALL.
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